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F.O.C.U.S. on Seniors is a not-for-profit, volunteer-driven initiative, designed to support older adults, (55+ years old) in Northeast Calgary.

Senior citizen services are provided at low to no cost thanks to the generous support of the ‘1,000 Voices’ at the Genesis Centre, Calgary Public Library and Ethno-Cultural Council of Calgary. Thanks to countless volunteers F.O.C.U.S on Seniors strives to offer excellence through ongoing volunteerism.

Come find F.O.C.U.S. on Seniors at our Chinook Blast Asian Market with home-baked goods, games for all ages, and even a cultural Indian dance prepared for all from February 3 to 5 at Calgary’s City Hall!

Visit F.O.C.U.S. On Seniors: Facebook | Website

Budaya Nusantara Association, was founded in July 2018 by a group of women who are passionate in preserving the Indonesian tradition. Our mission: ‘To preserve the Indonesian heritage and culture where our members and community belong.

Come to our Chinook Blast Asian Market 2023 in Calgary’s City Hall Atrium from February 3 to 5 to see one of our many participating groups, Budaya Nusantara demostrate the traditional art of batik making, as well as try your own hands on the art! There will be batik attire, sarongs, and scarves for sale.

You can also catch Budaya Nusantara’s dance performance, which will showcase the diversity in culture, race, languages, and religions that makes Indonesia great in the traditional outfit from women called Keyaya; to this day it remains to be the most desireable attire for many Indoesian women.

Visit Budaya Nusantara: Facebook | Instagram | Website

Maharlika Diva dance group is a nonprofit organization. We believe that community involvement and unity matters. And our way to connect with different communities & showcase our talent. We have performed to various events such Globalfest Glow Calgary, Calgary stampede parade, Expo Latino, Globalfest fireworks festival, Stampede BMO International stage, Fiesta Filipino, Banff Heritage month, Culture days, Globalfest Gala night, Airdrie fest, Summer Festival and many more. We will performing Pastores De Belen meaning Shepherd’s of Bethlehem, Lawiswis kawayan is bamboo dance, Mamang Sorbetoro meaning Ice cream man peddling his cart, Subli; a ceremonial worship dance.

Madhuban Performing Arts has been redefining Calgary’s Art scene for the past 6 years by providing an immersive, dynamic, and multi-disciplinary platform for various South Asian art forms. Conquering stages and hearts left and right, Madhuban’s dance and music teams bring a variety of genres to life with every performance. At Chinook Blast and Asian Night Market, we are proud to light the stage up with electric dances that bring Bollywood out of the films and in front of your eyes, and traditional Indian classical music that will immerse you in a sea of tradition and emotion that dates back 6000 years. Come experience India through its defining dances and music as Madhuban’s talented artists take you on an unforgettable journey.

Zhao Li Dance School was founded in 2003. It was the first professional Chinese dance school in Calgary. The school currently has 11 dance teachers, who professionally and responsibly teach with particular attention to cultivating students’ interest and skill in dance. Now open for over 15 years, and with more than 250 students, the dance school has been committed to professional dance teaching and promoting Chinese dance in the context of Canadian multiculturalism.

Chinese brush painting is one of two main techniques in Chinese painting and contributes to the world’s oldest continuous artistic traditions. Known in Chinese as shuǐ-mò (水墨, “water and ink”), this art form uses simple ingredients and considerable skill and technique to create something beautiful. Come visit our Chinook Blast Asian Market 2023 from February 3 to 5 to see Calgary Artist Group brush paint live in Calgary’s City Hall Atrium.

Calgary Qipao Association was founded in 2018 in Calgary. In the past 5 years, the Calgary Qipao association has been actively involved various community activities and has participated in the 2022 Chinook Blast, Dragon Boat Festival, Stampede, Globalfest 2022 and Alberta Culture Days performances. We also engage with the greater community by visiting the elderly in nursing homes, and vulnerable women groups. Calgary Qipao association aims to showcase the traditional Chinese garment cultures as well as contribute to the shaping and enhancement of our multicultural society within our city and our province.

SPARQ PRODUCTIONS, an event production company with a sub-division of a Bollywood Dance school, is headed by award-winning Tania Lemos Malpuria & Vishal Malpuria, renowned and professional choreographers from the Bollywood Film Industry, with over 30 years of collective worldwide choreographic experience. SPARQ offers Bollywood dance classes in all quadrants of Calgary for kids, teens, and adults both for recreation purposes as well as for Performance Opportunities. The main focus of SPARQ is to promote the Indian culture with inclusivity and respect for diversity.

FascinAsian Film Festival is an annual festival showcasing films and activities that highlight Asian creators. This year the Festival will celebrate the Year of the Rabbit and the Year of Finding Joy. Join in the activities and view films at the Festival to be held May 11 – 14, 2023 at the Calgary Central Library.

FascinAsian will have a booth at the Chinook Blast Asian Market 2023 where you can learn more, pick up a Festival pass, add your name to the mailing list, find out how to volunteer and win some prizes. Come see them at Calgary’s City Hall Atrium from February 3 to 5.

Tundra Swan Dance School has been committed to developing basic training in Chinese dance and ballet. Since 2008, we have completed many standardized dance courses and contributed to the success of more than 200 excellent dance performances. Our goal is to develop students’ self-confidence and inspire their love of dance. We emphasize the development of each student and give each student a bigger stage to showcase their artistic talents.

Calgary Kimono Life Drawing is a drawing group which focuses on models dressed in traditional Asian clothing. Their aim is to promote knowledge of traditional garments and history through the power of art! While this group started with Japanese kimonos, they have expanded to incorporate Chinese hanfu, Indian Sari, and more! Artists of all ages and skill levels are welcome and encouraged to join!

Founded in September of 1995 by Grandmaster Geng Zhang Cai, the Calgary Tai Chi & Martial Arts College has made significant strides in Canadian martial arts history. With over 40 national championship wins, and countless gold medals in worldwide wushu and tai chi competitions, the school has and continues to foster some of the world’s most amazing martial arts performers!

Kala Bhavan of Calgary was founded in 1987 under the direction of Roma Thakore. We offer year-round classes and workshops, teaching traditional Bharatnatyam, folk and filmy dance styles of India.​ Kala Bhavan of Calgary students have won several awards in folk dance competitions and have been featured on various news stories in the city, promoting the arts. Alarippu is traditionally the first dance piece that Bharatnatyam dancers learn and perform. It is a short Nritta piece focused on rhythm that builds in tempo.

Please note that some events require advance registration!
FascinAsian Film Festival is an annual festival showcasing films and activities that highlight Asian creators. This year the Festival will celebrate the Year of the Rabbit and the Year of Finding Joy. Join in the activities and view films at...
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