Celebrate the culture and deep history of our diverse Asian communities


What You can expect

Engage in Cultural Celebrations:

Attend events like the Pixel Park celebration or the Calgary Chinatown Scavenger Hunt to immerse yourself in vibrant cultural experiences, and learn about the rich heritage of Asian communities.

Participate in Educational Discussions

Join panel discussions like “Your Career: Driving Positive Impact” or “Advancing Leaders Through Innovation” to gain insights into cultural bridging in the workplace, and the experiences of Asian Canadians in various fields.

Contribute to Community Initiatives

Take part in community workshops such as The FascinAsian Film Festival or the Heart of Freedom exhibition to engage with local artists, and contribute to meaningful projects that celebrate Asian heritage and inclusion within Canadian society.

Get Involved

Join us this May as we come together to celebrate the richness and diversity of Asian heritage during Asian Heritage Month! 

There are no upcoming events at this time