Chinatown Pop Up Movie Club – Movie and Panel: Big Fight in Little Chinatown

Join the Chinatown Popup Movie Club for their second screening of ‘Big Fight in Little Chinatown’

June 11, 1pm, FREE

Calgary Chinese Elderly Citizen’s Association
111 Riverfront Ave SW

Chinatown Pop Up Movie Club is an event-series where we hope to share cool spaces in Chinatown that you may not know about and to watch (or re-watch) some classic Chinese/HK movies. We want you to come to Chinatown, have fun, make memories and feel a sense of belonging.

Come and watch our second screening of this incredible and timely documentary from Director Karen Cho. See how Chinatowns are challenged yet surviving across North America with interviews with residents and community members from Chinatowns and how they have fought to preserve and honour the history of these important cultural and historic neighbourhoods.

Coast to Coast the film follows Chinatown communities resisting the pressures around them. From the construction of the world’s largest vertical jail in New York, Montreal’s fight against developers swallowing up the most historic block of their Chinatown, big box chains and gentrification forces displacing Toronto’s community, to a Vancouver Chinatown business holding steadfast, the film reveals how Chinatown is both a stand-in for other communities who’ve been wiped off the city map, and the blueprint for inclusive and resilient neighbourhoods of the future.

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