Korean Cultural Heritage Festival – CKWA

The Korean Art Club strongly feels that art brings hope, relaxation, and a sense of unity and strength. In all our work, our focus is always on bringing art and talent to the community and opportunities for the artists that would give them a sense of pride, camaraderie, and hope for a better future. We live in a multiple-cultural country where everyone can show the beauty of each group’s uniqueness. In this context, we have planned for an event to take place on May 21, 2023, to encourage the Korean and other communities to come together for a drive-in art musical experience, featuring traditional Korean dance and other performances which will be done by artists from South Korea. This will be a special event where people can learn about our traditions and other activities. Not only that, we will invite other artists from Asian groups because we want to raise awareness about anti-racism for the Asian community which has been affected negatively since the COVID pandemic.

3:00 pm: Activities will be taking place in the lobby
3:30 pm: Doors open
4:00 pm: Event begins


Event Details