Join us for a lively conversation with Andy Mah, CEO of Advantage Oil and Gas Ltd., a TSX publicly listed company with a market capitalization of over $550MM, for his perspectives on the “bamboo ceiling”. The term “bamboo ceiling” coined...
We invite you to join us in honouring Asian Heritage Month 2022! Come enjoy ethno-cultural performance’s, learn traditional arts, crafts and initiatives in building strong community and connections! Saturday, May 281pm to 8pmEau Claire Market Centre Court, CalgaryFree to the...
27 May 2023
Three new public artworks are coming to Chinatown!三個全新公共藝術裝置即將登陸唐人街!三个全新公共艺术装置即将在唐人街出现! This summer, Calgary Arts Development & The City of Calgary will be installing three public art panels in Chinatown. Meet the artist and see the designs at two events this month.今年夏天,卡加利藝術發展局和卡加利市政府將在唐人街設置三個公共藝術裝置。大家可於本月舉辦的兩個活動與藝術家會面及觀賞藝術品!今年夏天,卡尔加里艺术发展局和卡尔加里市政府将在唐人街设置三个公共艺术装置。大家可于本月举办的两个活动与艺术家会面及观赏艺术品! SaturdayMay...
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